Online campaign grows to save malnourished lions

Online campaign grows to save malnourished lions

Online campaign grows to save malnourished lions

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Extensive campaigns have been launched on social media to save five malnourished African lions at a park in Sudan’s capital Khartoum. The lions are in the Al-Qureshi Park and did not have enough food or medicines for weeks, resulting in their dire state.

Osman Salih, a Facebook user, shared several updates and pictures of the malnourished lions as he asked people and institutions concerned to help the animals. Pictures of the lions soon went viral on social media following which several volunteers visited the park to see the situation.

In one of the posts, in fact, Salih also mentioned that donors brought fresh meat for the lions while medicinal equipments such as antibiotics and IV drips were also procured.

In the comments section of his several posts, netizens praised Salih for his efforts and thanked him for attempting to save the lions. “You folks are real heroes. Your efforts are truly remarkable,” a user said while several others requested Salih to provide daily updates.

Meanwhile, officials at the park and veterinarians said that the medical condition of the lions deteriorated over the past few weeks while some of the animals lost weight severely as well.

“Food is not always available. So, often we buy it from our own money to feed them,” said Essamelddine Hajjar, a manager at the park.

The park, it appears, has not been maintained well and that has also affected the animals’ condition.

“They are suffering from severe illnesses. They are sick and appear to be malnourished,” quoted Moataz Mahmoud, a caretaker at the park.

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