Plant-based superglue!

Plant-based superglue!

Plant-based superglue!

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Researchers have come up with superglues from ultra small plant-derived crystals which proves to be a crucial step that may lead to eco-friendly and cost-effective adhesives.

According to researchers, including those from Aalto University in Finland, a single drop of the ‘eco’ glue has enough strength to hold up to 90 kilogramme weight, but can still be easily removed by the touch of a finger.

The study published in the journal Advanced Materials noted that when trying to separate the glued components along the principal plane of the bond, the strength is more than 70 times higher when compared to the direction perpendicular to that plane.

Compared to currently used methods of making high strength glues which are complex and expensive, preparing the new eco glue involves a very simple process of taking natural plant-based particles and just adding water, the researchers said.

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