PRSI conducts webinar on ‘Communication challenges during pandemic times’

Chennai, Sep 27:

Public Relations Association of India, Chennai Chapter conducted a webinar to discuss on the topic ‘Communication challenges during pandemic times – Tourism’ to commemorate the World Tourism day that is celebrated world wide on September 27th every year.

Krishnan, President of the Chennai Division of the Public Spokesmen’s Association, welcomed the online seminar. Following this, a video was released on various special events and achievements of the Chennai Division in the last few years.

As special guests at the event, Bangalore-based ‘One Above’ tourism organizers Rahim Aslam and Irshad Dathan spoke about the impact of tourism on the COVID-19 period.

While speaking Rahim Aslam, President Founder, Head, One Above Destination Management Company said, ‘ We have been celebrating the World Tourism Day for the past 20 years. Our company has been operating office and travel management services in 29 countries including Canada, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Russia and Cambodia for 14 years .But, in the last 6 months, all the major components of the tourism sector have been inactive. 90 percent of employees have lost their jobs.However, due to technical opportunities, consultation meetings between our staff have previously been held only once every 3 months or 6 months, considering the difficulties involved in mobilizing everyone. But now we are hosting it once a week.”

Irshad Dathan, General Manager of One Above while speaking said,”The tourism sector has been hit hard during the COVID-19 period. People find it difficult to get close to each other. Many, including the IT sector, have also been affected by the epidemic. But they also have the opportunity to work from home. But tourism is not something that is logged into the system.”

Tourist places around the world were closed. Similarly, the tourism boards are open to tourist places and re-enforcing curfew if the epidemic spreads. So we could not make any plans. People have no chance to take our plans with confidence. He said he could not predict how long it would last.

Speaking on the occasion, Alibia Singh of Public Relations said, “The public relations sector has undergone major changes during the COVID-19 epidemic. Challenges for us to be able to handle and implement technical facilities. We use web site facilities, including social networking sites, to identify consumer needs for people and businesses and bring them to the masses through posters and visualizations. However, the sudden turn of events also poses challenges in dealing with technologies, he said.

At the end of the event, the guests shared that the tourism sector has been completely wiped out by 2020, while the organization’s secretary Sathyan Bhatt thanked them.

On the occasion, Treasurer Kalidas, Committee Member Rajendran, Former Secretary Ramesh, Daniel Das, S.P. Sudhakar, Ajit Pathak and many others were present.

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