Sibiu – “Eyes on all sides!”

Sibiu – “Eyes on all sides!”

Sibiu – “Eyes on all sides!”

Sibiu, a city that demands to be experienced on foot in southern Transylvania is a marvellous blend of multiculturalism, traditional and contemporary art forms, idyllic squares and architectural wonders. The city is surrounded by picturesque landscapes and villages where the life rhythm is animated by traditions, celebrations and a bucolic way of living. Sibiu is sure to provide an immersive experience to discover a magnetism.

ASTRA Museum of Traditional Folk Civilisation

In the Dumbrava Forest of Sibiu, this is a terrific outdoor museum in the Swedish “Skansen” tradition. The 96 hectares with a ten-kilometer trail takes one past reconstructed dwellings, windmills, animal paddocks, workshops, churches, water mills and farms from all parts of Romania. There are more than 300 buildings, showing off the diversity of styles and ingenuity and resourcefulness of rural folk in Romania. The museum also has a lake where you can hire a rowboat in summer, and there’s a constant cycle of folk celebrations with bright traditional costumes and dance.Piața Mare (Grand Square)

This huge rectangular square has been the centre of attention in Sibiu since it was drawn up in 1366. The Grand Square measures 142m long by 93m wide, making it one of the largest in Transylvania, and a fitting place for markets, fairs, and even executions. In the northwest corner is the Brukenthal Palace, one of Romania’s best examples of Baroque architecture built at the start of the 20th century.Piața Mică (Small Square)

Head through the portal below the Council Tower and you’ll come to the Small Square, which is actually pretty large and has a very irregular shape. In the middle, there’s a street that spirals down to the Lower Town, and crossing the big brick embankments is the beautiful “Bridge of Lies” as it has no standing supports and instead rests on two embankments.


Try to Hide from Sibiu’s Eyes

Sibiu is also known as the ‘City with Eyes’, where hidden pairs of eyes watch over the locals. Wherever you go, you will feel like you’re being observed and spied from the houses’ roofs. In fact, each house has little windows on the housetop, skylights that are eye-shaped, built in the first place for the attic’s ventilation. Today, they are veritable symbols of the city. Go inside a museum or monument and maybe you can get away from their sight.



Polenta is a traditional dish that is served in all Romania regions. Some like it with cheese, especially if the polenta is rolled in a ball with cheese inside and then roasted in the oven. Others serve it as a side dish, especially accompanied with a sauce. In the past, bread was not that popular and people used to eat polenta instead of bread.

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