The legacy of Lesotho!

The legacy of Lesotho!

The legacy of Lesotho!

Lesotho is a high-altitude, landlocked location encircled by South Africa, and is crisscrossed by a lot of rivers and mountain. In spite of the fact that it is a little nation, Lesotho brags a combination of fabulous attractions that vacationers can visit and find the history and legacy of both the Basotho individuals and the Mountain Kingdom. So let’s find out the adventurous places in LESOTHO.

Tsehlanyane National Park

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A national Monument, Thaba-Bosiu or ”mountain of the night” was the mountain stronghold of “Moshoeshoe the Great” and is considered the birthplace of the Basotho nation. It is by far one of the most important historical sites in Lesotho and invokes a sense of identity for the proud nation Basotho.The name mountain of the night echoed the local belief that the mountain (though not looking particularly high by day) grows by night into an impossibly tall, unconquerable mountain fortress.


Nestled between the dusty escarpments of the Maseru District, close to the geographical heart of Lesotho as a whole, the little conglomeration of bamboo-topped thatch villages and huts that is Semonkong might not look like one of the most-visited spots in the country; but it is. Why? Well, that honour surely has to go to the mist-producing plumes of the great Maletsunyane Falls, which can be found roaring over the edge of a table-top mountain nearby.


The sinewy mountains around Liphofung rise in hues of ochre and snow-white during the winter. They conceal the fascinating historic sites of the Moteng Valley, which have yielded evidence of human habitation in these parts of Lesotho since at least the Stone Age. Today, visitors can come and explore the unique history of the Liphofung Caves, where a well-rounded visitor’s center now offers an insight into the old Basotho kings and the ins and outs of traditional Basotho craft culture.

Dinosaur Footprints

Step back in time as you follow the dinosaur footprints in Lesotho. This small country has the world’s largest known sites of dinosaur footprints, which makes Lesotho a favourite place for both archaeologists and palaeontologists. Many of the earliest known dinosaur fossil discoveries were made by the missionaries’ explorations of the area, including a wealth of bones, trees, plants and shells from pre-historic times.

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