Thimpu, groovy nightlife of Bhutan


Thimphu, most modern city in Bhutan with an abundance of restaurants, internet cafes, nightclubs, and shopping centers. The juxtaposition of ancient tradition and modernity make Thimphu ideal location for visitors to break away from their tour to immerse themselves in contemporary Bhutanese lifestyle. Most curious features of Thimphu is that it is the only capital city in the world that does not use traffic lights.

Duer Hot Springs Trek:

Most challenging treks in Bhutan is Duer Hot Springs Trek, which partially crossroads with Snowman trek which is ideally the most difficult trekking track in the whole world. Duer Hot Springs is the destination of this trek which has a breathtaking beauty worth the grueling challenges on the trail. Ranging from 3000 meters to 4700 meters, track moves through multiple difficulties, steep heights and low descents.

However, after this bone breaking challenge, sight of Duer Hot springs is indeed a reward. Apart from this on the trail one can see beautiful landscapes forested regions with prominent hemlock, maple and juniper trees.

Mojo Park:

The favourite venue for Bhutan nightlife in Thimphu among locals and tourists, it is the go to place for music lovers. There are live bands performing brilliant music from around 7 pm to late into the night, and to top it, delicious American and Bhutanese cuisine served along with local creations of drinks. Nightlife in Bhutan doesn’t get better!

Folk Heritage Museum:

Folk Heritage Museum is a three-story timber building that looks like a traditional farmhouse. It provides the tourists, an insight into the Bhutanese lifestyle and material culture.

For the ones who are keen to have a glimpse of the interesting rural life of Bhutan, this place is probably best for them to visit.

Ema datshi:

You’ll eat ema datshi not only every day when you’re in Bhutan, but likely for just about every meal when you’re in Bhutan. Chilies, which can be either fresh green chilies or dry red chilies, are sliced lengthwise and cooked with datshi, which is local Bhutanese cheese, and plenty of butter for good measure.

Kewa datshi:

Kewa is potato, so kewa datshi is potatoes and Bhutanese cheese.

The potatoes are typically sliced into thin pieces, then sautéed down with cheese and lots of butter. Sometimes cooks will toss in a few chilies or tomatoes, but usually, this is a Bhutanese dish that’s pretty mild, but just focuses on potatoes and cheese.

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