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Tweet predicts corona 7 years ago

Tweet predicts corona 7 years ago

Tweet predicts corona 7 years ago

With instances from the past predicting corona virus well in advance here is a tweet from 2013 that has left the netizens shocked.

The resurfaced tweet predicted the novel coronavirus outbreak seven years ago and was posted by a user with the handle Marco_Acortes. The user posted the tweet on June 3, 2013 and wrote, “Corona virus….its coming.”

As the tweet is now going viral, netizens are spooked by the fact that it predicted the virus seven years ago. The tweet has received over 110k likes.

Several users dropped in comments to express their thoughts on it. An astonished user wrote, “You hacked twitter to change the date right?”

“I mean… who would listen to you if we knew it was gonna take 7 years… oh wait,” wrote another person. “His last tweet was in 2016 the government probably shut him down because he was being too loud,” anotherA comment read.

A thriller novel The Eyes of Darkness, written by Dean Koontz in 1981, also mentioned a virus named Wuhan-400. In the book, the virus was created as a weapon in a laboratory. It talks of a Chinese military lab that creates a virus as part of its biological weapons program. The lab is located in Wuhan, which lends the virus its name, Wuhan-400.

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