Twinkly Tallinn!

Tucked in the northeast corner of continental Europe, Tallinn is a true hidden gem just starting to receive its due. Equal parts medieval and modern, this quirky city of around 400,000 people somehow manages to constantly re-invent itself, while still honoring its past.

Telliskivi Loomelinnak

Telliskivi Loomelinnak (Creative City), which is located in a former industrial complex next to the Balti Railway Station on the borders between the City Centre, Pelgulinna and Kalamaja districts, is the creative centre of Tallinn. This is the largest creative centre in Estonia consisting of ateliers, studios, creative companies and offices of artists and NGOs. In the Creative City, you are going to find a unique selection of shops offering design, interior design and natural products, various cafés and restaurants and different services.

Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour

Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour is a marine museum in Tallinn, featuring many old exhibits, including a submarine from the 1930s, two cinemas, and seaplane Short Type 184. If you are interested in military equipment and Estonian history, Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour is where you need to go!

Kumu Art Museum

Kumu is the main building of the Art Museum of Estonia and the largest and most representative exhibition place in Estonia. In 2008, Kumu won the title of European Museum of the Year. This is a significant international recognition of Kumu’s ambition to be a truly contemporary art museum and a space for active spiritual activity, from educational programmes for young children to discussions on the nature and meaning of art in the modern world.

Nightlife in Tallinn – Go on a pub crawl!

For years now, Tallinn has been the backpacker’s haven with tons of free-spirited travelers either passing by or staying put for a season, and tons of these awesome people are looking for a good time, so it is just normal that hostels hosts pub crawls for visitors to experience Tallinn nightlife. Joining a pub crawl will lead you to meet some of the coolest people in the world who are on the same page as you, and if you’re traveling alone, it is always fun to meet like-minded jolly fellows like yourself.

Famous Food


The Baltic Sea is full of sprats, so it is not a coincidence that this fish can be found in almost every restaurant and shop. There are many dishes made with sprats, but the most popular and simplest is Kiluvõileib, also known as a sprat sandwich. The recipe is simple—dark bread, sprat, boiled egg and some sauce. It might not look attractive, but you can be sure it is delicious. Otherwise, why would Estonians eat it for centuries?

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