US Presidents’ dress maker goes bankrupt

New York , July 9:

Brooks Brothers, the 200-year-old company that dressed nearly every US president, filed for bankruptcy protection Wednesday, the latest major clothing seller to be toppled by the coronavirus pandemic.

Founded in New York in 1818, Brooks Brothers survived two world wars, the Great Depression and even managed to stay afloat as dress standards eased in the office.

As so many stores are closed and, with millions working from home, a crisp suit pushed to the very bottom of shopping lists. Brooks Brothers will permanently close more than a quarter of its 200 stores.

The company has a storied history, dressing at least 40 American presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, who was wearing a Brooks Brothers coat when he was assassinated in 1865. Brooks Brothers’ two-button suits were a favourite of President John F. Kennedy.

Clark Gable wore Brooks Brothers and Jennifer Aniston appeared on the cover of GQ magazine wearing nothing but a red, white and blue Brooks Brothers tie.

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