Vijay Sethupathi goes the extra mile for ‘Master’

Vijay Sethupathi will be next seen as an antagonist against Vijay in ‘Master’, and he earlier assured that his role in the film will have pure negative shades. But the release of the film has been delayed, and the fans have been waiting eagerly to watch the highly anticipated film. Now, the latest buzz is that Vijay Sethupathi has done an extra effort in ‘Master’.
Vijay Sethupathi is playing the role of Bhavani in the film, and his character will be seen in two different ages. It was revealed earlier that the young version of Bhavani is played by Master Mahendran, while Vijay Sethupathi will be playing the grown up version. Now, it is reported that Vijay Sethupathi has given voice for both the versions so that there will be no difference in his voice in the film. Moreover, Vijay Sethupathi’s face-off scenes with Vijay will be the main portion of the film, and it will be a delight for the audience.

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