Xi vos greater governance in Hong Kong

Beijing, July 1:

Chinese President Xi Jinping on today laid out a future for Hong Kong, embedded firmly within the goals of the central government on the mainland.

“Now Hong Kong is at a new stage of moving from chaos to governance, and then from governance to greater prosperity,” Xi said at the swearing-in ceremony of Hong Kong’s new Chief Executive John Lee.

“The next five years will be crucial for Hong Kong to break new ground and launch a new takeoff,” Xi said, according to an English translation broadcast through state media.

The Chinese president listed in his speech “four hopes” for the semi-autonomous region of Hong Kong: Better governance, stronger development, improved lives for ordinary people and overall harmony.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping reached Hong Kong by train for celebrating the 25th anniversary of the city’s handover and the inauguration of the city new leader. Hong Kong was returned to China by the UK in 1997 and has since been enjoying wider autonomy than the rest of the Chinese regions. China’s central government adheres to the principle of “one country, two systems” in governing Hong Kong. According to a joint declaration by China and the UK, Hong Kong will retain broad autonomy until 2047. How the former British colony will be governed after that date is not yet known, Sputnik report said

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