Gin from elephant dung?

Gin from elephant dung?

Gin from elephant dung?

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Ready to treat your taste buds with an all new unconventional drink??? Presenting to you the special South African gin infused with elephant dung… Yes! You heard it right.

Indlovu Gin which means Elephant in Zulu language is a drink made with elephant dunk and nothing more than that. Elephants eat a lot of fruits and flowers, three fourth of which goes undigested. The makers say that this lends an “amazing variety of botanicals” to the gin, which they say has a “wooded, almost spicy, earthy” flavor that changes subtly with the seasons and location.

“We let the elephants do the hard work and then we reap it as gin”, the creator says.

The gin bottles are marked with the date and coordinates of where the elephant dung was collected. “So, you’re able to compare almost different vintages of the gin,” says Ansley.The fecal droppings are dried and crumbled, then washed to remove dirt and sand. Eventually only the remains of the fruits, flowers, leaves and bark eaten by the elephants are left behind.Those botanicals are then sterilized and dried again and placed in an airing cupboard. Eventually, the remains are infused in the gin.“The initial reaction of most people is, ‘What? There’s no way.’ But most people are very keen to actually taste it,” Ansley says. And once people hear about elephants’ digestive process “it becomes a lot clearer to them, and they accept it very well.”A bottle of gin sells for around 500 rand, or about $32 which amounts for about INR 2,300.

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