Rohit Sharma Academies promoting cricket in big way

What originated as a sapling in 2018 in Chennai has burgeoned into a colossal tree, marking its inception with humble roots. Rapidly expanding its reach both domestically and internationally, the CricKingdom Academy embarked on its journey to Singapore in the same inaugural year. The year 2022 witnessed a remarkable surge, with CricKingdom branches flourishing in Bangladesh (Dhaka), Japan (Yokohama), and the USA (California). The academy remains steadfast in ensuring a productive and delightful experience for every user.

Over the past four years, CricKingdom has established a presence in 40 academies across 25 cities, 12 states, and 5 countries, demonstrating unwavering success wherever its roots have taken hold. The academy’s inception aimed at providing cricket enthusiasts with a comprehensive platform to learn, refine, and showcase their skills. Offering high-quality solutions for coaching, equipment procurement, facility leasing, and tournament participation, CricKingdom’s all-encompassing curriculum instills confidence and competence in trainees both on and off the field.

The academy employs a dedicated app to extend offline and online support to coaches, players, and parents alike. Periodic local tournaments and scheduled overseas tours ensure that trainees remain match-ready year-round. CricKingdom prioritizes the provision of high-quality and certified coaches, top-notch training facilities, and venues. The curriculum, endorsed by Rohit Sharma, aligns with standards set by BCCI, ECB, Cricket Australia, and Cricket South Africa.

CricKingdom diligently lays its groundwork through certified coaches, a well-defined curriculum, and a proficient academy management platform. Regular performance and video analyses, quarterly reviews with parents, progress reports for students, and special events featuring Rohit Sharma-signed certificates contribute to the academy’s commitment to excellence. Periodic visits by esteemed coaches and players for special camps and clinics further enrich the training experience.

Becoming a cricket-centric platform, CricKingdom encourages enthusiasts to connect and engage with the sport seamlessly. Facilitating connections among players, coaches, students, academies, and facilities, the platform creates an integrated ecosystem fostering engagement, interaction, learning, and transaction.

CricKingdom’s paramount focus is on providing quality and standardised cricket coaching at the grassroots level, ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning experience for aspiring cricketers. By eliminating inefficiencies and barriers in their approach and techniques, the academy empowers budding cricketers for a successful stint at higher level in cricket. The academy is committed to delivering high-performance cricket programs and creating an environment that supports coaches, athletes, and teams to excel.

Functioning as a game-changing platform, CricKingdom connects cricket fans, players, coaches, students, academics, and facilities, forming an integrated ecosystem that promotes engagement, interaction, learning, and transaction. The academy dedicates itself to giving back to the game by providing a platform for individuals to showcase their talent and develop their skills. CricKingdom offers a comprehensive solution for coaching, facilities, equipment, leasing, tournament participation, and other cricket-related needs.

Presently operating in Singapore, Japan, the USA, and India, specifically in schools, CricKingdom’s global cricket academies are expanding at an astronomical pace, with operations soon commencing in more centres and countries. The academy emphasizes during-school cricket programs as the ideal starting point for any sport, integrating it seamlessly into one’s daily schedule.

The Rohit Sharma Cricket Academy, under the CricKingdom umbrella, boasts of 5,024+ trainees distributed across 24+ centres, including 34+ globally located academies and 35+ coaches. The academy continues to grow, operating in 40 academies across 25 cities, 12 states, and five countries.

CricKingdom prides itself on offering the best facilities available in the market, encompassing coaches, curriculum, equipment, technologies, and strength and conditioning regimes to nurture champions. The academy seeks to promote the celebration of the sport in the country, fostering the development of some of the finest athletes from the “centre of excellence”. CricKingdom is all set to commence more operations in the USA and Bangladesh, with a particular focus on implementing cricket programs in schools and after-school activities in India.

The team at CricKingdom is enthusiastic about providing exclusive cricket programs tailored specifically for schools, recognizing them as the ideal starting point to initiate in any sport and integrate it into one’s career trajectory. As a finale, Rohit Sharma is the livewire while Chetan Suryavanshi is the backbone of the academy.

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